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Blackllisted LoanFeeway Financial Services can provide you with a Blacklisted cash loan, or a term loan or a payday loan, via the internet and in the comfort of your own home or office.We provide payday loans up to R4000.00 and term loans/consolidation loans up to R120,000.00 for all our clients Why should you look any further than us when you need a cash loan and when nobody else want to help because you are black listed?

Where other credit providers decline you because you are blacklisted, we can help you get you the cash that you need. We offer different products with loan repayment periods of up to 60 months to pay, giving you the flexibility you need. These loans are all unsecured so you don`t need to give any collateral in order for you to qualify. That`s it!! It`s that easy!! So why don`t you put us to the test and apply for a loan right now!

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Vehicle finance for Blacklisted people and no license.

We provide finance for blacklisted people that are often turned away by others – if we can’t help you, then nobody can, Blacklisted people, no licence, people with bad credit .

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

When you are blacklisted and need a car, there is also vehicle finance for blacklisted people available through on-line finance companies.if you consistently pay your monthly installments this will positively effect your credit history, making it far easier to buy a car in th future when the need arises.

Laptop or Tablet Contract for Blacklisted People

Blacklisted cell phone contracts in South Africa are mainly intended for people with a bad credit record and are widely available across the country, including in Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and several other cities. We are able to assist you with a Laptop or Tablet Contract for Blacklisted People.

Blacklisted Cellphone Contract

Blacklisted Cellphone Contract

Applying for cell phone contracts for blacklisted people is easy and all personal information is safeguarded and right to privacy is upheld. Thus, these contracts give customers a chance to recover rather than judging them on their past mistakes. You can apply for such contracts online under proper regulations and laws which will ensure that you are not a victim of identity theft or other related issues.

FinSA Cellphone Contracts

FinSA only sells Vodacom Top-Up packages. The benefit on this type of package is that you have total control on your mobile expenditure as you receive a fixed amount of airtime at the beginning of every new calendar month and as soon as your airtime has been utilized it can be topped up by a Vodacom recharge voucher.

If you have judgments or are blacklisted you are able to still apply. This is a 24 month contract that is able to be upgraded after the contract is expired and you will receive a new handset totally free.

All you need to apply:• ID Book
• Latest Pay slip
• Two months Bank Statement

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Suite 805
8 th floor Denor House

Tel: 031 306 0075
Fax: 086 263 0531

Vecto Finance

Vecto Finance provides unsecured personal loans of between R500 and R10,000 within 24 hours after approval.. The loans are repayable over 5 or 12 months, 20 or 40 weeks, 10 or 20 fortnights. They provide personal loans when people have urgent cash flow problems and need to borrow some cash in a hurry.
Since the inception of formalised labour in the economy the need for credit in this sector has always existed. These workers faced serious obstacles when they needed some extra money as they had no credit history, no security or collateral and limited accessibility to banks. The onus for extending credit to individuals in this sector thus landed on the shoulders of the companies where these people were employed.Companies were not necessarily equipped to handle this admin burden.

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Tel 021 852 9797
Fax 021 852 9151

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SA Loan Services

Apply for a quick and easy personal loan today by completing our online application form .If you are blacklisted and have been trying to get a personal loan this can be quite a daunting task as all banks will reject your application due to your bad credit and this will prevent you from getting a unsecured loan with them . We at SA Loan Service’s understand that sometimes unexpected thing’s happen in life and as a result one gets a bad credit record due to this .  We at SA Loan Service’s have specially designed product’s to assist ITC listed clients in getting a personal loan today even if you have a judgment or default . If you reside in South Africa and you are permanently employed then you can apply for a online personal loan today . Our services are 100% free to apply and we aim to give you the best service possible . While we are not able to help every single client as they are a lot of legal jargon involved we at the SA Loan Services have 8 years of experience and know all the legal requirements to get that much needed help ! .  We try our best and are willing to go to the Extra mile to assist our customers in any way we can .  We try to bring you the best and most easy way to apply for loan taking out the hassle of filling countless forms .  When you apply for a bad credit personal loan in South Africa all you need to do if complete a quick and easy online application form   .

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SA Cash Loans

SA Cash Loans offer personal loans of between R 500 – R 150 000 and you get up to 60 months to repay your personal loan. (Qualifying with a low credit score might result in a repayment period of six months for your cash loan.)

Don’t delay, if you are in need of cash today, contact SA Cash Loans directly by using the contact form on our Contact Us page. Or apply for a personal cash loan by making use of our online personal cash loan application.

A Cash Loan’s Services Include:

 Easy Personal Cash Loans

 Personal Cash Loans while Blacklisted Quick Personal Cash Loans

 Small Personal Cash Loan

Requirements for getting a Personal Cash Loan

Cash Loan Applicant must be younger than 65 years old, but older than 18

Cash Loan Applicant must be permanently employedfor at least3 Months

Cash Loan Applicant must earn aminimum gross monthlyincome ofR3 000

Cash Loan Applicant must havebank accountinto which the applicant’ssalary is depositedelectronically.

EC Finance

If your bank is refusing to give you a cash loan due to being blacklisted, EC Finance, read about our cash loan requirements. Being blacklisted isn’t an issue with us. They simply look at your repayment ability with up to 60 months to pay.

  • Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere. Bad Credit Rating or blacklisted.
  • We offer loans up to R50 000.
  • Quick turnaround time 6 hours for loan application approval.
If you fax the contract back, you could get your loan paid out on the same day.

Contact EC Finance

EC Finance is based in Cape Town,
South Africa, providing loans,
even for blacklisted individuals
across South Africa
Tel: 087 943 2500 / 021 200 6010


Loans for Africa

Loans for Africa

Blacklisted? Get your personal loan approved quickly and easily by  an Online Application Form and submitting your details. One of our dedicated staff members will contact you should they enquiry any detailsWe might be able to help you with a Loan even if Blacklisted. At Loans4Africa we pride ourselves in being part of the bigger Dot Loans group, helping people in need a loan. Finance for people, blacklisted or not at Loans 4 Africa is as simple as completing and submitting an online loan application form.

Apply for a personal loan online today and we’ll try our best to get you a personal loan. We will also do our best to get back to you within 24 hours of applying for a loan during work hours.

Contact Loans 4 Africa

Address: P.O Box 202, Goodwood, 7459
Tel: 087 940 3072

Real People Cellular

Real People Cellular (Mobilechoice) have top up and full  24-month Contract which includes a handset that has been designed to offer lower call charges to customers who do not qualify for cellular contracts from established service providers.

real people cellular

real people cellular

Real People Cellular Top-Up contract allows customers to move away from pre-paid packages, which are more expensive per call than the contract option. Top-up contract also allows customers to access airtime according to the package they qualify for.

Once airtime is depleted clients can top up with pre-paid airtime and all their calls are still charged at regular contract rates.

The Contracts are available on the Vodacom, Cell C and MTN networks.